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Fed Rate Cut Explained

Thinking of a home purchase or refinance? Now’s the time! #KathysCorner #MortgageMinute – Watch this video to learn about yesterday’s Fed rate cut and whether it could affect mortgage rates, which are already at historic lows. Ready to get preapproved to buy your dream home or refinance? Our team is a call or text away at 509-999-6464.

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TIME TO GET OFF THE FENCE! Thinking of purchasing or refinancing a home? Call our team TODAY! Rates are creeping higher and we don’t want you to miss out. Reach out to us at 509-999-6464. Kathy Colkit

#MortgageMinute - Find out why rates are creeping higher and why now is still a great time for debt consolidation! Ready to get preapproved for a purchase or refinance? Reach out to us at 509-999-646