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Is All Debt Bad?

...Watch and find out!

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Out at Leshay Goat Rentals with Shalene Camp! Aren't the brand-new baby goats adorable??

If you want to rent or buy a goat, Shay has what you need! Come out and visit this beautiful farm and give Shay a call: 509-217-5680

  • Writer's pictureKathy Colkitt

THIS JUST IN Effective March 20th, FHA mortgage insurance premiums will be REDUCED, meaning homebuyers and owners just like you could save an average of $800 per year! Just in time for house hunting season! Reach out today to get started! Apply now:

Kathy Colkitt - NMLS #73055/MLO-4672 509-999-6464 Geneva Financial, LLC

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